Turn-Sew-Turn Machine 0426

Turn Sew Machines T-0426TST-0426 is a floor stand unit w/ "Bearing Head" to allow brass turning tube to rotate for inspection of product. Consolidate turning of hosiery and increase overall production when used in conjunction with conventional seaming machine. Equipped with a counter and air silencer upon request.

  • Consolidate operations and increase overall production
  • A must for reciprocated heel and toe seaming
  • This air operated TURN, SEW, TURN, (TST) MACHINE requires no motor or turbine.
  • Well designed and constructed with a brass turning tube, air silencer, electric footswitch, and accurate electronic hosiery counter which counts in dozens.
  • Operator simply presses footswitch to create a vacuum and invert the sock - the footswitch is then released and the toe of the sock is sewn -  the footswitch is pressed again turning the sock right side out - the sock passes through the exhaust tubing where it is counted and dropped into a bag or other container.
  • Very simple to install and operate
  • Our Air Silencer is recommended due to the fact that it reduces the noise level of the TST by 75%.


  • 175-200 dozen / 8 hour shift


175-200 dozen / 8 hour shift

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