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Bag-in-Box Vacuum/Gas Sealer

Bag In Box Vacuum/Gas SealerThe Bag-in-Box is based on our popular PVK series of machines. It is designed for bags that are used as a box liner, where the box comes under the sealer via a conveyor or support. The machine's open-head design provides easy access to bag positioning.

The Bag-in-Box is ideal for applications requiring vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). Using MAP, the shelf life of a variety of different products can be doubled or even tripled.

Standard Features include:

  • Wide 5/16" seal element in each jaw for biactive seal
  • Electronically controlled timers for consistent results
  • Control panel with high/low pressure analog gauges for monitoring jaw closure and eal pressure.
  • Large 3/4 horsepower vacuum pump with reserve tank for faster evacuation
  • Adjustable frame height from 38" to 58" from floor
  • Foot pedal activated extend/retract nozzle for ease of bag placement
  • Floating head (6" travel)
  • Hand crank
  • Retract/extend nozzle control to assist in bag positioning at beginning of cycle.
  • Non-retracting bag stretcher assists operator in positioning the bag to prevent rinkles in the seal.
  • Seal lengths – 30" to 48" in 6" increments – twin 1/8" head goes up to 60"
  • 220 volt, 110 – 120 psi air


  • Digital temperature controller
  • Extended nozzles ( 3 1/2" from vacuum rubber)
  • Casters


PT Impulse Heat Sealer

Impulse Heat SealerAn industry standard, the pneumatically operated PT table top impulse sealer features a rugged design and an attention to detail that will produce secure, consistent seals time after time.

Standard Features include:

  • 3/16" wide by 20" long seal element in the bottom jaw. This meets the sealing needs of a wide variety of bag materials.
  • Electronic timers for seal and cool. Time increments are spaced 0.2 seconds, giving a maximum time of 3 seconds each.
  • Cycle is started by foot pedal on a flexible cord.
Options include: Technical Information:
  • Bi-active seal jaws
  • Stand
  • Work shelf
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Seal Lengths: 20", 25", 30"
  • Seal Width: 3/16"
  • Dimensions: 23" to 33" W x 8"H x 15 3/4" D

Machine Types Available through PAC from HIFOMACO:

  • Baggers and Rollbaggers
  • Constant Heat Sealers
  • Continuous Band Sealers
  • Drop Sealers/Fill and Seal
  • Flow Wrapper
  • Handheld Heat Sealers
  • Impulse Heat Sealers
  • MAP Tray Sealers
  • Shrink Wrap Packaging
  • Skin Packaging
  • Tube Sealers
  • Vacuum Chamber Sealers
  • Vacuum/Gas Sealers - Heavy Duty
  • Vacuum/Gas Sealers - Standard

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