Stretch Tester


Accurately stretch test socks and other elastic products for proper fit and quality.

  • Pneumatically controlled system allows for repeatable operations
  • Precision air components and air volume control tank provides consistent results from machine to machine.
  • Proscale digital measuring system with SPC output - easy to read display and downloading capability.
  • Foot pedal operation - hands free to load product.  Two hand hold down to reset - safety feature.
  • Requirements:  compressed air - 60 PSI


  • Stretch capacity - 36" (other lengths available)
  • Framework - 80/20 Aluminum Extrusion
  • Linear Bearing Tracking System
  • Steel - Chrome Plated Cross Stretch Arms
  • Length Strength Clamps w/Needle for Positioning
  • Leveling Legs (standards)/Casters (optional)


Cross Stretch Testing
Cross Stretch Testing

Product positioned on special designed arms
Length Stretch Testing
Length Stretch Testing
Product clamped to carriages for straight vertical pull.

Dimensions:  24" depth x 30" width x 85" height (actual)
                   27" depth x 33" width x 86" height (shipping)

 Weight:        140 lbs. Shipping Weight

 Requirements:  Supply Air (100 psi)
                        Regulated Air (80 psi)


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