Mobile Stretch Tester

Mobile Stretch Testing LCS 4800 Cross Stretch

Mobile Stretch Testing LCS 4800 Cross Stretch

Mobile - Length/Cross Stretch Gauge LCS4800

Innovative Solutions for Hosiery Manufacturing


The HIFOMACO LCS-4800 gauge from Hickory Foundry and Machine Co. Inc. provides precise measurement of length stretch and cross stretch, portability, and low cost into one easy to operate tool. No power or air is required to operate this quality instrument.

To operate, simply attach the garment, release the latch, and read the measurement directly on the mode-selectable digital readout. This latch release takes the operator variability out of the measurement.

Constructed from tubular steel, this tool is designed to withstand the rigors of the production environment. Incorporated is a speed-control mechanism for precise, repeatable results, every time.

With very simple calibration, this tool has been tested and statistically validated by the Hosiery Technology Center of North Carolina.


  • Mobile - machine on coasters and powered by gravity
  • Digital readout, mode-selectable for decimal/fraction/metric.
  • Range of travel from 2" to 48".
  • Constant force throughout travel.
  • Force applied with speed controlled by tool, virtually eliminating operator error.
  • Start position adjustable at 2", 3", or 4" to accommodate various measurements.
  • Locating pins for accurate length stretch registration.
  • Accuracy to within +/- 0.01 inches.

Click to view operating procedure of the LCS4800. This tester's use & accuracy is validated/accredited by the Hosiery Consortium.

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