Turn-Sew-Turn Machine TP-26

For many years we have been manufacturing our Model TST machine (Turn-sew-Turn) and model ITP machine (Inspecting with Toe Puncher).  Both of these machines perform essential operations, but until now, these units have been operated separately. It is a table or floor mounted unit with stationary turning tube and "Toe Punch" option to flatten the toe seam.Turn Sew Machines TST TP 26

Our new model TST-TP (Turn-Seam-Turn w/Toe Puncher) is now available as a complete assembly ready to mount on your sewing table.  This unit offers you:

  • a flat, even seam in your socks after they have been sewn
  • it eliminates the raised strip normally caused by the sewing operation.
  • It allows you to flatten the seam simultaneously with turning and seaming the sock
  • Finally when the seam is punched out and flatteded, it will absorb dye and bleach evenly with the rest of the sock, thus assuring no distinct differences in color around the seam.

In general, our Model TST-TP offers you the essential turn-seam-turn operation plus giving your hosiery a flat, even, comfortable seam, which is a tremendous selling point for your product.


  • 165-190 dozen / 8 hour shift


  • 80-90 PSI compressed air pressure
  • 115 V electricity
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