Hickory Foundry, Burris Machine Co.Hickory Foundry and Machine Company (HIFOMACO) joined forces with Burris Machine Company in 2004 to create a manufacturing resource of unparallel skills. The experience and unique skills of our work force has brought us a global customer base. Worldwide, we now serve over 25 countries and can handle your order requests and unique shipping needs with ease.

Since 1898, Hickory Foundry & Machine Co., Inc. (HIFOMACO) has been recognized for quality work and dependable service. For over 100 years, "The Foundry" has been a mainstay in meeting the needs of businesses all over the world. HIFOMACO is currently a manufacturer and distributor of a diverse line of equipment being used in the hosiery, textile, food, and medical supply industries. HIFOMACO is a low -overhead supplier for multiple lines of packaging supplies.

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Founded in 1898, Hickory Foundry & Machine Co Inc. was recognized for quality work and dependable service. "The Foundry" supplied products such as manhole and meter box covers to the local government, wheel castings to a wagon manufacturer, and federal government repair service work, especially during war time.

Hickory Foundry EmployeesIn the 1960's, foundry work ceased, and HIFOMACO began concentrating on the growing hosiery and textile industry in the area. Machines were designed and manufactured to help the industry become more productive and several were patented.

Hickory Foundry Office StaffThe 1980's saw HIFOMACO make another transition. In addition to manufacturing and selling its own line of equipment, other manufacturers approached HIFOMACO to represent and sell their lines of machinery. These relationships allowed HIFOMACO opportunities to supply other industries such as food, medical, and contract packaging.

Today, HICKORY FOUNDRY & MACHINE CO INC. is still known for quality work and dependable service.

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Manufacturer/Distributor of Global Specialty Equipment for the Hosiery, Textile, Food and Medical Industries "The Strength of Experience since 1898". 828-322-4292

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